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This documentary is a tribute and a retrospective to all the great moments in the history of Belgian football. By compiling exclusive interviews with magnificent and sometimes surprising archival footage, not only the famous stories, but also lesser known events come to life.


#1895 is not merely a sports documentary, it attempt to place events into a broader historical context. Football has taken a prominent roll in today's society, therefore telling us more about ourselves than we might think. Telling a story of passion and unity: Tous ensemble!

The 90-minute documentary aired on Proximus Sports the 7th of October 2020 at 8:45 p.m., and will subsequently be available in the Proximus VOD catalog. In addition, fans can discover 6 shorter episodes of 20 minutes each zooming in on a specific theme: arbitration, glory days, moments of crisis, icons, inclusion and roots.

A joint production of The Royal Belgian Football Association (KBVB), Lonely Alien and Proximus Media House.

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