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Wouter is a freelance film director and editor based in Belgium and Costa Rica, and is active globally. 

After graduating his Master's degree in Communication Sciences with a major in Media & Society Studies at the KU Leuven, he pursued a career in videography. In his early work often functioning as a jack of all trades, he gained experience in a wide range of aspects of the film production process. 

In those forming years, it became clear that his true passion laid in structuring and visualising the stories more than anything. This propelled him towards his current expertise in directing and editing.

Coming from this versatile background, he likes to work in a broad range of genres and formats, safeguarding your brand's identity and values, and making sure your story gets told in an engaging way.

Over the years, Wouter has delivered work for national and international brands such as: Ab Inbev, Brussels Airlines and Red Cross Flanders.

Gray Structure

"At Brussels Airlines we have enjoyed working together with Wouter for many years. He doesn't just do what is expected, but goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible result. This, in combination with his flexibility, clear communication and creativeness makes him a bliss to work with."


"Wouter is a delight to work with. A passionate director that wants to be involved in every step of the process. He has the habit of overdelivering and makes everyone on the project feel comfortable. We love to work with him on our commercial projects."

Sam Conings - HILLVIEW

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